Monday, February 13, 2012


Kudos to all the mothers out there who bake with their children, because I can't STAND it. And this is why:

Since motherhood is a both an exercise in personal growth as well as a catalyst for insanity, I forced myself to bake cookies with ONE even though I knew it would stress me out. The end result? We had fun. I recovered after 20 minutes of being left alone to clean.


Charelette Rae said...

Yes, its a pain and a huge mess and I get stressy too, but I WISH I had memories of baking cookies with my mom (she left us when I was 2 and never came back)...SO just know that the headache you have today will create memories that will last your children a lifetime!

Jolene said...

To be honest, my counter looks a bit like that even when it's just me making cookies. ;)